Friday, September 23, 2005

That picture thing

O.K., I'm ready to post some actual pictures of actual knitting. But first, a pic of Cooper, our very old yellow lab. I remember when she was a puppy and running and jumping, and chewing the legs of the dining room table, and eating my shoes (she had a fetish for black pumps and destroyed three pair). Now she's slowed down and is content to sit and sleep and get loves and cookies. A more loved dog you'll never find, unless you count our other dog, Jake, who eats paper and is also very old. She loves her bandana!

So, here's a picture of my in-progress birch leaf socks, and one of a sock I finished on a knitting retreat with my pals. We had such a great time in Bodega Bay! The socks are for my sister for Christmas, and since she wouldn't know a blog from a yarn over, I'm pretty sure she won't see the picture.


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