Monday, October 17, 2005

One too many secrets

Ya know, the only reason I started this blog was to participate in SP5. And I loved it. The woman I spoiled is a gem. Donni is funny, interesting, and talented. Like me, she seems to flit from one knitting project to another. We both seem to think the perfect thing to work on is the one in our knitting bag or that new magazine or book. I have had a ton of fun reading her blog and getting to know her a bit through the magic of cyberspace. So imagine my shock and horror when I discovered that the package I described earlier was from her, and not from my new secret pal! Not only was my new SP a bit confused, but Donni didn't get credit for her thoughtfulness and generosity. But I think it's all straightened out now. Thank you, Donni, for the yarn, candy, stitch markers and notecards. I love them. The color of the yarn reminds me of you: sunny and bright!


Blogger Donni said...

No -really - thank you for spoiling me in SP5 - and now that you are blogging more (yay) I am getting to know you - the yarn looked LUSH

4:56 PM  

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