Friday, May 19, 2006

Captain My Captain

Captain's Amazing Lace Log: May 19, 2006

I have decided on my team for Amazing Lace. The decisions required of me have taxed my negotiating skills almost to the breaking point, but I am happy with my team.

Choosing my pattern was a difficult task. There were several contenders: partially completed Feather and Fan and Shetland Tea shawls, and a pair of Birch Leaf socks. These 3 made the argument that since they were all from A Gathering of Lace they are natural teammates. They lobbied hard for a team of WIPs. They claimed this would give me the incentive I need to actually finish a project or 2. I gave careful consideration ot this argument, but I REALLY want to knit a doily!

In the end, it was the Shetland Tea Shawl that spoiled things for the group. She took umbrage at my consideration of a doily.

STS: "A doily? That puny thing? And she'll be made of cotton! She'll be, why she'll be CHEAP!"

DOILY: "Cheap? Cheap? Who are you calling cheap? You're made of Knitpicks, you hussy!"

And so it went. In the end, it got ugly, and I feared that the patterns would tear each other apart and the yarn would get hopelessly tangled. I decided that if STS and Doily couldn't get along, I'd have to choose, so I chose Doily. I also decided to make this a multi-project endeavor, and added the Lacy Lattice Stole (from Fiddlesticks). Really, it was the Lacy Lattice Stole's yarn that tipped the scales. She'll be made of Indigo Zephyr and she had no problem working alongside the crochet cotton that will be Doily.

Zephyr: "No problem, Dude. I can get along with anyone."

Must be the 50% silk that makes her so smooth and easy-going.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the support staff that will be joining me on the race.


Blogger Opal said...

LOL! I love it! I wish my Moon Dance and my FFL got along as well as yours do. I guess I should have picked something else in GOL for the FFL to work with. :)

10:40 AM  
Blogger allisonmariecat said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your commentary :) Sounds like your shawl will be a feisty teammate.

3:52 PM  

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