Sunday, May 21, 2006

Trouble in Paradise

Amazing Lace Captain's Log May 21, 2006

I thought I had everyting under control. The 3 rejected projects, while disappointed at being left off the team, agreed to serve as support staff, as long as I agreed to work on them in the time remaining before Amazing Lace actually starts.

Cooper is enthusiastic about being team mascot. So important to have a team mascot, and Cooper is a licker, so I'll never have to worry when it comes time to spit-splice! :-)

The rest of the support staff -- Otto the Ott light, the Pile-'O-Stitch Markers, the needles (Prissy Miss Doily requires 000!), tea -- are all ready to go.

So, what's the trouble in the little slice of paradise that is Team Holier-Than-No-One?

It's the crochet cotton. Prissy Miss Doily requires #20 crochet cotton, and I've been practicing the cast-on. But cotton is tense, it's unyielding, it has no give. Not good signs for a teammate. I'm used to Zephyr. Zephyr makes a fine teammate. Always willing to stretch that extra centimeter. Always happy to make room for the needle for those K2Tog.

I can see that cotton is going to require a firm hand. We'll see how we get along as time goes by.


Blogger Pat K said...

Thanks for coming over and commenting on my lace challenge. I've tried knitting with crochet cotton, too, and found that exact problem. The cotton thread just will not give in the lacework.

Good luck in your endeavors.

5:07 PM  

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