Monday, June 05, 2006

Needles and Yarn and WIPs, Oh My!

Needles: I love to knit. I'm not especially talented, my stitches aren't always perfectly formed, and I have a very wonky way of holding the yarn, but I have genuine love for this craft. This means I start a lot of projetcs, often (read: always) while other projects are still, as the say, OTN. I seem to collect needles the way the NSA collects phone records, which helps explain this:

Yes, there are a lot of circs there, all in a big pile. Did I mention that I'm a terrible slob? Actually, I suppose I'm a very good slob, given my elevated level of slobbiness. Instead of putting a label on this mess and calling it modern art, I decided to do something more practical. Ta-Da It's a bait bag that I ordered from a store here in Sacramento called Broadway Bait and Gun. Being neither a fisherperson nor a hunter, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would go into a store that sells nothing but fishing equipment, bait (which is very smelly, and not in a good way), and guns. When I went in to pick it up, the salesperson looked at me kinda funny. Apparently I don't look like your typical fisherperson/hunter. The conversation went thusly:
Me:"It's for knitting needles."
Him: But the bags are too small."
Me (a bit shocked): "No, it's for circular needles."
Him: "Oh, you mean for hats and socks and stuff."
Me: "Exactly!"
I'm sure other bloggers could make this exchange sound funnier: it just struck me as odd that a man in a bait and gun shop would be able to speak intelligently about circular v. straight knitting needles. I thought maybe I'd found the rare male knitter/fisherman/hunter combo, but no. Turns out, his girlfriend knits.

Needles and WIPs: I joined Summer of Stash, which means I have pledged not to buy any more yarn until Labor Day. I'm going to try very hard to keep this pledge. So far, so good: no new yarn in over a week. Probably some sort of record. But I digress. Part of my summer resolution is also to finish some WIPs. I should be able to get some of these things done, what with all the free time I'll have now that I'm not shopping for yarn. Here's a picture of some of my WIPs. I post it because
  • Donni

  • dared me to flash my WIPs. I believe she even called me a wimp. This after I accused her of being a WIP amateur, what with only 4 or 5 projects going at a time. This picture represents projects that I intend to finish. It doesn't include the few things I've started but will never finish because I can't for the life of me remember what posessed me to match that particular yarn to that particular pattern.

    Well, I'm off to finish ANOTHER pair of socks. I'm on a project-finishing roll!


    Blogger Donni said...

    Ok - you got my attention. I am very very interested the fishing thing (loved the conversation)....what is it exactly cause I am going online to find one here. And - although I am proud of you outing your WIP's I can't count how many there are. Please clarify!

    4:04 PM  
    Blogger Beth C said...

    Oh, I see how this Stash thing works now... you can't actually BUY the yarn yourself, but it's perfectly OK to whine until some sweet, unsuspecting person gifts you with, say, some Socks That Rock??!! :) I'll have to try that. Oh, wait. I already did. ;)

    4:53 PM  
    Blogger JEG said...

    I too like the bait bag idea; but once they get wind of it, it will be stamped KNITTING and increased in price!! My DH found a neat bag for me in a woodworking catalog that was really very inexpensive--just have to order it.

    8:51 AM  

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